Krystal Resorts Discusses the Top 3 Hotel Complaints for Travelers

The Krystal Resorts Complaints Awareness Team knows that travelers have certain expectations when it comes to the services and features of a hotel. After all, they are paying for accommodations and should have reasonable wants and needs. When personal standards are not met, guests at a hotel will often find the need to issue complaints. Doing this is crucial in order for hotels to learn from any mistakes and to find ways to improve the guest experience. The following are the three most common complaints associated with a hotel.

1.     Noise: Unfortunately, not all guests will be considerate of others. When there are people making excessive noise or any other disturbances in a hotel room, another guest will often report it to staff. Krystal Resorts Complaints Awareness Team recognizes that if the issue is not resolved promptly, this could cause a further complaint that could impact a hotel. Noise complaints that are brought to the staff’s attention should be handled as soon as possible. Speaking to the guest causing the disturbance and politely asking him to keep the noise down can often resolve the problem.

2.     Unsatisfactory Rooms: Some guests might feel the need to complain regarding the conditions of a room. This could be something as simple as housekeeping not properly cleaning a room. Staff who are made aware of this should take care of it as soon as possible in order for the guest to be comfortable and satisfied.

3.      Unprofessional Staff: A rude or otherwise unprofessional staff member can be the source of complaints for hotel guests. Staff who are reported for any inappropriate behavior should be talked to by a manager and be giving additional training if needed.